Morgan: We are ready to face Arsenal

Morgan: We are ready to face Arsenal

Leicester City team captain Wes Morgan has stated that he and his teammates are looking forward to the English Premier League 2017-2018, especially against Arsenal in the opening match on Saturday morning.

The wait, because the Foxes want to re-prove that they can get a positive trend again like winning the Premier League title achieved last year. Where their success also makes the soccer circle really surprised when handled by Claudio Ranieri at that time.

However, unfortunately last season Jamie Vardy Cs failed to appear consistent in the domestic league. Yet they managed to surprise the club’s only English Premier League quarter-finals and recently won 2-1 at Borussia Monchengladbach in the pre-season game.

With that record then Wes want to return to repeat with his team mates starting from stealing points at home to the Gunners this weekend.

“It’s been a long pre-season and it’s always difficult,” Wes Morgan told the media.

“I can not enjoy it but it is a good feeling when you get through it because you can be fit and ready to fight.

“You have the next season in waiting and everyone is happy to appear. We have an early game on Friday and we can not wait to start.

“Facing Borussia Monchengladbach is not easy and we feel will experience that when against Arsenal. They continue to play the ball and have possession of the ball and fight from various positions.

“They got the first goal so we have to keep pressing more and to emulate balancing goals is not easy. But we’ve done well to showcase the character and finish with a win in pre season.

“We are a team that often survive and want a counterattack. So it’s good you can make your step by knowing your position, angle and distance.

“It’s important, especially in my position as a defender, but I need to win and score a few goals.”

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