Andrea Barzagli Close Meeting Door for the Italian national team

Andrea Barzagli Close Meeting Door for the Italian national team

Juventus defender Andrea Barzagli says he is not interested in returning to Italy.

Barzagli has decided to withdraw from the national team as the failure to qualify for the 2018 World Cup finals.

The last time he appeared was when Gli Azzurri’s squad was held 0-0 by Sweden in the play-offs November 2017.

There are fears that there has not been enough matured players in the Italian defense after Barzagli with Gianluigi Buffon and Giorgio Chiellini backed down.

However, Barzagli still refused if the opportunity for him uniformed national team is still open.

“Honestly, I think it has been through the years as an Italian national team player is the right moment to go,” said Barzagli as quoted by Sky Sport Italia.

“I’m still being open, it’s just a farewell match,” he added.

Barzagli’s decision to take off the national team uniform is logical to see the age that has stepped 36 years.

For similar reasons, Barzagli accepts if his playing opportunities at the club level are eroded.

He entered as a substitute six times in the Juventus match in the Italian league this season.

“Looking at my age, I can not play in every game, it’s normal for me to be sometimes rested,” Barzagli said.

Egy Maulana: We Won for Team Gaming, Not Individuals

Egy Maulana: We Won for Team Gaming, Not Individuals

U-19 national team midfielder Egy Maulana Vikri revealed the secrets behind the team’s 2-1 victory over Myanmar in the Group B Cup AFF U-18 match at Thuwunna Stadium, Yangon, Tuesday (5/9/2017) Game Judi Online.

Indonesia had left behind in the first half after Myat Kaung Khant scored in the 28th minute.

After the break, Indonesia got up. Garuda Nusantara squad able to master the game and look more presentable.

As a result, Indra Sjafri’s army was able to achieve victory thanks to the elegant appearance of Egy Maulana.

Egy dodge that team win thanks to his efforts.

“We won because of team games, not for individuals,” said Egy.

Egy also explained that this victory was the fruit of the team effort that learned the game of Myanmar.

“So, we have a formula to overcome them,” said the player from Medan.

In the second match, Indra Sjafri’s squad will face the Philippines in the same place on Thursday (7/9/2017) at 18:30 pm.

“Focus on the next match against the Philippines, we are still winning, please pray and support Indonesians to become champions,” said Egy.

Go to Indonesian National Team, It Suggest Andik to Satria Tama

Go to Indonesian National Team, It Suggest Andik to Satria Tama

Although Indonesia U-22 national team won only a bronze medal in the SEA Games in 2017, the name of Satria Tama remains a subject of much discussion. That’s because he showed impressive results throughout the 2017 SEA Games event.

Trust given the Indonesian national team coach U-22, Luis Milla paid Satria Tama with a memorable action. Although at the beginning he was not a status as a major goalkeeper, later he was able to shift the previously occupied position of Kartika Ajie.

Various stunning action has been shown 20-year-old goalkeeper. In fact, the success of the Indonesian national team to win a bronze medal is also not separated from his contribution. No wonder if several times the name of Satria Tama enter the most popular word or trending topic Twitter world.

Andik Vermansah who in fact fellow born East Java take pride in the achievement of Persegres Gresik United goalkeeper. However, he continues to advise that Satria Tama’s career continues to shine.

“I hope he will not be satisfied, I see his light is starting to appear, I’m sure he can replace Kurnia Meiga (in the future), but again, do not be satisfied, stay humble and keep practicing,” said Andik at Aston Hotel, Bekasi, Friday (1/9/2017).

In addition to Satria Tama, Andik also commented on Milla who has won the Indonesian national team since early 2017. He sent praise to Milla who can change the Indonesian national team playing style U-22 to focus on short passes and control of the ball.

Praise for Milla

Indonesian national team player Andik Vermansah (third left) during his official training at Patriot Candrabhaga Stadium, Bekasi (1/9). Indonesia national team will melakoni game against Fiji on Saturday (2/9). ( Fithriansyah)
He also saw a little resemblance Milla with former national team coach Indonesia U-22, Rahmad Darmawan. Incidentally, Andik also had time to enjoy the cold handed coach who is familiarly called RD.

“With the previous coaches there is little difference: Luis Milla prefers ball possession, I just now meet him, he is a cool-headed trainer, if I say like Rahmad Darmawan,” said Andik.

If played against Fiji at the Patriot Stadium, Bekasi, Saturday (2/9/2017), it will also be the first moments Andik play under the care of Milla. Understandably, he just received a call back Indonesia after undergoing therapy knee injury recovery.