Sampaoli: Messi Must Perform in World Cup Final

Sampaoli: Messi Must Perform in World Cup Final

Lionel Messi owes to appear in the World Cup final, said coach Jorge Sampaoli

Three goals are inscribed by the Barcelona star took La Albiceleste step into Russia after a 3-1 win from Ecuador, which Sampaoli camp must win one more game to make sure to escape.

“He is indebted to football,” Sampaoli said.

“Now we have a chance to realize the dream in Russia, because it does not make sense if the implementation of the biggest football competition is not supported the presence of Messi.

“He is the best player of all time and this is his victory and all the players. In the team chat, we said that we have to bring Messi to the World Cup and it’s happened. “

List of 15 Countries Already Ensured to qualify for the 2018 World Cup

List of 15 Countries Already Ensured to qualify for the 2018 World Cup

2018 World Cup qualifying round is nearing the finish line. A total of 15 countries from the quota of 32 teams finals, have ensured themselves to qualify for Russia 2018.

Egypt and Poland into the last two countries to ensure themselves qualify directly to the 2018 World Cup finals on Sunday (8/10/2017).

Poland ensure themselves to be Group E champions in the 2018 European World Cup qualifying round. Certainty was obtained after Robert Lewandowski et al win 4-2.

Other countries that ensure themselves escape is Egypt. The team nicknamed the Pharaoh’s 2-1 win over Congo to ensure qualification for Group E in the 2018 World Cup qualifying round for the African zone.

The day before, two teams had already escaped. Nigeria became the first African country to qualify for Russia 2018.

Hose several hours, Costa Rica ensure themselves finish in second place in the 2018 World Cup qualifying rounds of Central America and North third round.

A 1-1 draw against Honduras has already secured Costa Rica’s escape, following in the footsteps of Mexico who had already secured it on September 1.

An automatic ticket from the CONCACAF zone will be contested by the United States and Panama on Tuesday (10/10/2017) or Wednesday morning WIB.

The United States is currently in third place with 12 points, two points difference with Panama. The US will travel to Trinidad & Tobago in the final match, while Panama host Costa Rica.

The fourth rank of this zone will be pitted with Asian zone play-off winners to get a ticket to the 2018 World Cup finals.

Meanwhile, from the African zone leaves three tickets. Determination will occur on 6 November.

Here are 15 countries that have made sure to qualify for the 2018 World Cup finals.

Russia (host)
Brazil (first rank South America zone, date escaped March 28, 2017)
Iran (Group A Asian zone champions, 12 June 2017)
Japan (winner Group B Asian zone, 31 August 2017)
Mexico (CONCACAF zone champion, September 1, 2017)
Belgium (Group H European zone winner, 3 September 2017)
South Korea (ranked second Group A zone Asia, 5 September 2017)
Saudi Arabia (ranked second Group B Asian zone, 5 September 2017)
Germany (Group C winner of the European zone, 5 October 2017)
England (Group F winners European zone, 5 October 2017)
Spain (Group G European champions, 6 October 2017)
Nigeria (Group B winner African zone, 7 October 2017)
Costa Rica (second-place CONCACAF zone, October 7, 2017)
Poland (European Group E winner, 8 October 2017)
Egypt (Group E winners African zone, October 8, 2017)

Rashford Praise Southgate Coach

Rashford Praise Southgate Coach

Manchester United striker Marcus Rashford gave praise to England manager Gareth Southgate.

That’s because Rashford thinks the Three Lions are now much stronger than ever.

Not only that, he also compares the differences between England under Southgate coach with coach Roy Hodgson before.

According to Rashford, since under Hodgson’s coaching, England is not very strong when under Southgate’s care.

Not only that, Rashford has hope Southgate able to bring England can be able to win the 2018 World Cup title.

Rahsford said: “I personally would be hard to see the comparison of England’s current team.”

“I want the England team to have a tremendous mission vision in the 2018 World Cup competition.”

“When under coaching Southgate, England appear more dominant in every game.”

“Of course I feel good about it. But I would be happier if I could help England win the title. ”

“And I hope Southgate can help England succeed.”